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Someone to watch over you as you go through old age or when you are managing a disability - find companions and caregivers at Marsh Personal Care Home. We support you day and night in your daily living activities.
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  • 10142 Valley Breeze
    Houston, TX 77078
    Phone: (281) 458-9321
                (281) 728-6746
    Fax:     (281) 458-1860

    7223 Lakewood Drive
    Houston, Texas 77016
    Phone: (713) 631-3100
    Fax:     (713) 635-6600

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Marsh Personal Care Home

Marsh Personal Care Home is a supervised home providing round-the-clock care for disabled and aged adults who are unable to live independently at home while not necessarily requiring institutionalized skilled nursing care. Our caring services are provided in both our locations in the Northeast Side of Houston.

While maintaining a warm and welcoming atmosphere, our staffs at two of our locations foster long-term relationships with residents. We give them care that allows them to feel a greater sense of companionship and security. All the while, we make our residents feel at home as part of the family at Marsh Personal Care Home.

In the provision of care, we encourage family and friends of our residents to visit Marsh Personal Care Home as often as possible. Their support and encouragement will help in the healing progress of the residents who are entrusted to our care. We believe that with the direct support they receive from loved ones, residents are able to live full and happy lives despite old age or disability.

Our Mission
Your one of a kind health situation needs one of a kind care. We personalize our services to address your specific needs during disability or old age.
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